Redefining Transcription: 

A WYSIWYG editor for interactive transcripts.

A transcription editor that allows users to engage with and navigate through vidoes and audios by clicking on specific portions of the transcript enhancing accessibility and the user experience of multimedia content.
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We’ve Cracked Interactive Transcription

Actively engage with media content by creating interactive videos and audios through generated transcripts.

Get Ahead Of the Game With These Features

Advanced Text Editor

Interactive editor where you can fix typos and
delete sections of the transcript to delete
the associated sections of the video or audio.

Seemless Navigation

Navigate through the video or audio content by clicking on different parts of the transcript allowing quick access to specific sections without having to listen or watch the entire content.

Search and Highlight

Searching for specific keywords will highlight corresponding segments in the transcript making it easier to locate relevant information within the media.

Enhanced Interaction

 Trigger playback actions, such as pausing and seeking, by interacting with specific parts of the transcript.


Have an alternative way to engage with multimedia content through accurate subtitles as well as content that meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.

Embedded Alinkeo Player

An in-built player that acts as a central hub where the enhanced transcript is combined with the corresponding audio or video content.


Edit a video or audio by removing a section
of the transcript


Insert sections with time breaks, overlays, polls and interactive questionnaires


Combine video or audio clips using sections of your transcript with a simple copy and paste action

We Made
Transcription Simple

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Develop your professional skills using the Alinkeo 
Transcription Tool

Create your transcribed video content within minutes by copying and pasting different sections of your transcript to create your desired outcome.