Welcom to the CCP Training Course

CATM approved course to sit for the CCP exam!

Kickstart Your Journey to CMMC Certification

Embark on your path to becoming a Certified CMMC Professional with our official Cyber AB Approved Training Material, meticulously designed to prepare you for the CCP exam*. Our Certified CMMC Professional Exam Prep Course stands as the ultimate study guide for consultants and assessors, offering an in-depth and comprehensive learning experience.

Through this course, you'll delve into the intricate details of the CMMC framework, including its core tenets, directives, and the evolution of its regulatory guidelines. Gain mastery over the CMMC resource documents and acquire essential knowledge on certification processes, critical distinctions between FCI and CUI, and the nuances of all 110 practices. 

We enrich your learning journey with detailed scoping guidance, insights into the assessment process, practical tips, and strategies to circumvent common pitfalls. Additionally, the course provides valuable cross-references to various cybersecurity frameworks and control resources, ensuring a well-rounded grasp of the subject matter.